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Looking to travel, relax, get away from daily life, and see the world?  I can help.  I’m a Travel Advisor providing done-for-you travel that includes VIP perks.

Travel. Better. It's more than just a vacation. Discover the insider’s way to experience the world. 

Where would you like to go?


It's time to travel better...

Travel planning should be fun, right?

But if it leaves you feeling...

Stressed out

And you're tired of...

Missing out on luxe VIP service
Being the last one to know about the new ‘hot spot’
Booking last minute leftovers
Trying to make plans with an unresponsive spouse or friends
What can you expect when working with a Travel Advisor?

  • The best service and VIP treatment on every leg of your journey
  • A planned-for-you trip to that amazing spot you saw on Instagram
  • A customized, ready-to-go, no-fuss trip plan that everyone can agree on
  • Someone watching your back while you’re overseas
  • Off-the-beaten-path hidden gems, tours, and experiences you can’t find on your own
  • Looking forward to a trip that finally made it on your calendar

Before I knew better, I had my share of bad travel experiences. I've been scammed at a train station in Chicago, ripped off on a tour in Mexico, and ended up in quite a few dodgy hotels throughout my travels.

But then I found a better way. Now, as a Travel Advisor, I help people enjoy their travels, avoid bad situations, and exceed their expectations when they trust their trip planning to me.

I'm a traveler, just like you

Meet Jessie

My network has industry knowledge that isn’t available with any amount of online research. I make actual connections and get real feedback from people who’ve lived and traveled where you’re going. 

A trusted partner

Meet Jessie

I became a Travel Advisor to combine my fascination with distant places and my belief that traveling makes us better in everything we do. 

Taking a trip to a new place can touch our heart, open our mind, and give us new perspective on our own life.

Having time away to relax can recharge and realign our own mind as well as our relationships with others.

Why do I travel?

Meet Jessie

Takeoff stress-free and be welcomed as a VIP to a
better way of travel


step 3

I'll customize your trip with perfect-fit hotels, on-trend dining & exclusive experiences


step 2

Tell me all about your bucket list during a complimentary planning session


Step 1

Let's work together

What about costs?

Travel advisors book your travel at the best available rates but give you more value for your travel dollar with VIP service and exclusive perks and amenities. Say hello to upgrades, spa credits, and late checkouts. 

Can't you book it yourself?

DIY travelers benefit when using a travel advisor, too. Even if you’ve already started booking things yourself, let me take the reins and get you over the finish line while adding in exclusive perks.

Do you have time for this?

You’re busy, I get it. In a quick 30-minute call, I can assess your travel style and get started on your dream trip. Not a talker? I get that, too. I can send you a quick preference sheet to fill out online. The insight you provide will allow me to get started working on your trip right away.

Need help with group travel?

Get trip plans out of the group chat and into reality! I help coordinate travel groups, even if the only person you’re trying to wrangle is your husband. I make sure everybody knows where to go and when. From airport pickups to reminding the hotel whose birthday it is. Details, handled.

Pro travel tip

If you’ve always booked trips yourself, you’re going to love working with me. Finally, a partner who is just as excited about your trip as you are.

If you know where you want to go but aren't sure how to make it happen, I can help!

Go anywhere

Itinerary Planning

From bon voyage to welcome home, I'll make sure your trip is customized to match your style.

Luxury trips

Full Service Travel

Let me enhance your hotel experience with VIP Perks like upgrades and spa credits.

vip your stay

Hotel Bookings

Hotel, Villa & Cruise Bookings

VIP Your Stay

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This option is for you if:
  • You already know where and when you’re traveling
  • You have your flights booked
  • You need help finding and booking the perfect hotel in your destination
What you’ll receive:
  • Customized recommendations of 3-5 accommodations in your location of choice
  • Any applicable VIP Perks, available exclusively when booking through a Travel Advisor


book now

luxury trips

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This option is for you if:
  • You know where you want to go and have a budget in mind
  • You’d like to hand over the entire planning process to a trusted advisor – you just tell me your ideas and I’ll deliver a custom luxury itinerary for your trip
What you’ll receive:
  • Sample itineraries for your dates, budget, and region
  • Premium service during all phases of your trip
  • A fully detailed travel itinerary available online, as a pdf download, and a handy app for viewing on-the-go

full service travel

Team pics

book now

Itinerary planning

go anywhere

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This option is for you if:
  • You have an idea of where you want to go and what you want to do, but don’t have time to plan the details
  • You want the highest level of flexibility to pick and choose options for your trip
What you’ll receive:
  • Travel plan with options for accommodations, including available VIP Perks
  • Customized tour, transport, and activity recommendations & booking
  • A fully detailed itinerary available online, as a pdf download, and a handy app for viewing on-the-go

Stop dreaming of your bucket list and start checking things off.

Travel Services

You can travel better

You could spin your wheels falling down the online research rabbit hole.

You could be disappointed by a hotel who treats you like just another nameless guest.

You could miss out on prime availability in your dream destination.

If you plan to travel this year...

Or… you can partner with Jessie West Travel and have a trusted advisor to get your trip organized and booked while saving you time and stress.

-Client traveling to Scotland

WOW! The itinerary is fabulous! Every time we get an email from you, we get more excited for this trip!

-Jessie West travel

Don’t put off your trip – go from ‘bucket list’ to ‘booked’ – a single call with me could take your trip planning from a stressful chore to a can't-wait countdown!

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