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Why work with a travel advisor?

Travel advisors provide peace of mind when planning a trip so you know you're going to have a great experience, time savings so you don't spend weeks planning a trip with only online reviews to go by, and can even add in VIP travel perks like room upgrades and spa credits.

I can handle everything from the minute you touch down to the time you head home, including ground transport, accommodations, guide services, and activities. I don't book air travel, but can assist with timing and airport recommendations.

How can you help with my trip?

How much will it cost?

My planning fees start at $250 per trip which includes my time spent researching, planning, booking, and managing your trip for you.

I strive to work within a range of budgets and your personal budget determines what you'll spend on your trip overall. 

As a general guideline, clients can expect to spend a minimum of $2,500 per person on a week long trip, not including airfare costs, though pricing varies depending on the time of year and length of stay. 

I don't book airfare for clients due to airline industry processes around booking procedures, and recourse for flight delays and cancellations.

I don't book Airbnb or VRBO properties for clients because these privately held properties cannot be vetted to industry standards. However, I do book a range of apartment style accommodations and villa/home rentals through trusted partnerships. 

What do you not do?

what is a typical itinerary like?

No itinerary is typical when you work with me because I customize each trip for the individual traveler.

That said, if you'd like a peek at some ideas, check out my guide From Edinburgh to the Coast: 1 Week in Scotland.

Trip pricing Transparency

With any service I provide, I strive to optimize the value for your budget. I'll always discuss your budget goals and priorities with you before building your itinerary and work within your specifications to design the best possible trip for you.

Depending on the complexity of your trip, I book your travel in one of two ways. 

For simple trips - I provide independent booking services. This fits your trip if you want to:
  • Visit one to two cities, enjoy one or more guided tours (privately or with small groups), and stay in recommended accommodations.
  • Be more involved in your trip planning, as there will be a need for us to communicate frequently during the planning and booking process.
  • Have complete choice when it comes to trip component pricing - you will approve individual rates for each component that I book for you.

For complex trips - I provide a complete packaged trip service. This fits your trip if you want to:
  • Visit multiple locations, enjoy exclusive experiences like custom private tours, and stay in luxury accommodations.
  • Receive a complete done-for-you package that includes all elements of travel with inclusive pricing (i.e. one bottom-line cost for the entire trip).
  • While changes to this style of itinerary can be made to your liking, individual line-item pricing of each trip component is not always available. I'm unable to provide a pricing breakdown with these itineraries, as most of my partner contracts stipulate that their negotiated rates are kept confidential and may only be offered as part of a trip package.

Need more info? Inquire Here and we can talk through your options and figure out what is the best fit for you.
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